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Guaranteed results

Laser hair removal provides a permanent solution, saving you a lot of time and money in the long run. Each treatment is extremely fast and does not cause any disruption in your daily life, even at lunch time. Soprano ICE allows practitioners to treat the widest range of patients and hair types all year round, administer treatments quickly and comfortably and achieve the best possible clinical results.

MyFaceMyBody Award
Most Innovative Treatment for Soprano Ice Platinum at the 2016 MyFaceMyBody Awards

There are several other reasons that makes it even more comfortable: The procedure is painless and safe, it only affects the hair follicles and the surrounding skin is not damaged. Other methods also provide solutions to common hair follicles, hair growth or itchy stubble.


Area1 session6 sessions9 sessions
ALL IN--HUF989,000


  • XS: mustache (upper lip), chin, between eyebrows, earlobes, strip between breasts
  • S: armpits, bikini, cheeks, knees, side burns, hands & fingers, feet & toes, neck, shoulders, around nipples, abdomen line, buttocks
  • M: lower arms, upper arms, full intim, chest, abdomen
  • L: lower legs, tights, back, full arms
  • All in: Full body hair removal

How we make it happen

Hair removal treatment is preceded by a consultation with a qualified professional who will review your suitability for treatment and establish a treatment plan, or may, if necessary, seek medical advice. If you do not have a skin problem, you can still request a completely free test on a 2 by 2 cm sized skin surface.

Based on individual characteristics, the treatment series consists of 9-12 times on average. There is usually 3-6 weeks between treatments, the frequency being completely individual. Even the first treatment produces spectacular results.

During treatment, the operator cleans and greases off from the area of ​​skin to that needs to be treated. A session with the cutting-edge Soprano Ice Platinum 3D is extremely fast and thanks to the unique cooled head it's virtually painless. However, there aren't two identical patients, so if someone has a very low heat and pain tolerance, then that person will feel minimal discomfort. This is most likely to occur with facial hair removal. Our operators are highly trained and very careful. If necessary, they stop several times to let skin cool.

After treatment, the skin may become reddish, but this disappears within a few hours. After treatment, you can return to your usual activities immediately. The hairs fall out within 5 to 10 days after treatment.

After 4-10 intensive treatments, maintenance hair treatment may be required every 1-3 years due to possible sleeping hair follicles and hormonal changes. This usually means a suitable quick treatment per area.

How it works

We are the first in Hungary to treat with Soprano Ice Platinum 3D Hair Removal Machine at Szegi Medical Center. The machine has made a breakthrough in hair removal technology by combining the three different wavelength absorption and penetration levels and the diode laser treatment coverage to provide the safest and most comprehensive hair removal treatment today. A unique combination of Alexandrit, 810nm and Nd: YAG lasers in one device for all skin types and skin colors, even in summer.

A gép a lézerfényt célzottan a szőrteleníteni kívánt bőrfelületre irányítja. A szőr elnyeli a nagy energiájú fényt, ezt hővé alakítja, leviszi egészen a szőrtüsző aljáig és roncsolja azt. Az egyszer elpusztított szőrtüszőből már nem nő több szőr. Azért van szükség több kezelésre, mert a szőrszálaknak csak az a része reagál a kezelésre, amelyek épp a növekedési fázisnál tartanak.

During the growth (anagen) phase, the cells divide in every 24 hours. That means the hair grows about 0.35 mm a day (1 cm per month). The relationship between the hair follicle and the hair is continuous during this phase. The pigment cells then produce the hair dye, melanin. This is the phase in which we can work, because through melanin we deliver the laser to the hair follicle, where this very high heat destroys them and destroys them.

Laser hair removal may require more treatment for darker skin and lighter hair.

Things to do before a treatment session

Shave the affected area 1-2 days before treatment. Ideally, come when it's 1-2 mm long.

Avoid strong sunlight and tanning beds in the weeks before and after treatment.

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We GUARANTEE the effectiveness of our treatment! 

As stated above, the guarantee is valid if you do not have a condition that results in excessive hair growth and you adhere to the treatment strategy determined by your practitioner. 

What is included in our guarantee? 

Starts by the day of the 12th treatment session, and applies for the following 12 months. If you still have hair growth, you will receive 3 treatments for free. If the hair growth appears between the 12th and 18th month, we will provide touch-up treatments (up to 3 sessions) for 50% of the actual price.

After the 18-24 months some hair growth could be expected. However, this is dependent on age, hair type, hormone levels, any existing medical conditions and other factors. During this period, we will give you a 15% OFF on touch-up treatments (maximum 3 sessions).

With touch-up treatments, you will never need more than 1-3 treatments a year to keep up the results. We emphasize that this is only true, if there are no hormonal or other changes in the body that result in more intense hair growth. Some medications also have this effect.


Buy 6 sessions for the price of 5. It can't be combined with other discounts!

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Important notice! In order to protect You, our staff and clinic, if you have either a high temperature or a new continuous cough, please let us know, and we'll reschedule your appointment. In case you arrive ill, unfortunately we are unable to perform the treatment or examination. If you have recently arrived to Hungary, we need you to contact us, and we'll move your appointment two weeks ahead, given the situation caused by the coronavirus. Also we kindly ask you to come alone to your appointment. Thank you for your understanding.



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