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Soprano Ice Platinum Discount
Unlimited Laser Hair Removal Sessions for 20 months

Say goodbye to the hassle of at-home hair removal! Check out our temporary deals on Laser Hair Removal.

  • First time trial session discounts up to 77% Off
  • Hair Removal multi-session packages up to 64% Off

Until 21st of July

Ongoing discounts

Choose a body part where you'd like to go for a trial hair removal session. A trial session equals to a regular session, but you can claim it only once.

Trial Session Pricing: (1 person can claim only one offer from the list below)

  • Full face hair removal 14.900Ft
  • Full back hair removal 14.900Ft
  • Full arms hair removal 16.900Ft
  • Full legs hair removal 19.900Ft
  • Full intimate hair removal 12.900Ft (32.000Ft)

Extra Add-on

  • Armpit hair removal 5.900Ft

Thanks for the multiple anti-aging solutions our clinic's equipped with, we can certainly find the right one that suits your needs. Our specialist adviser will be happy to answer your questions and to help you to find the most effective treatment therapy that will bring you the results you dreamed of. Feel free to give us a call so we can book you in for a completely free consultation. Some procedures may require a medical check-up before treatment, with a doctor.

We also offer extra discounts if your therapy includes multiple treatments. Please contact us for details.

  • Entire face 24.900Ft
  • Entire face + neck 29.900Ft

The ClearLift won the MyFaceMyBody award of the best anti-aging treatment of the year in 2019. This is the safest anti-aging treatment that can be applied near the eyes too.

  • Entire face 34.900Ft

We only use high quality, certified medical substances for filling!

Improve the texture of your skin and get rid of cellulite!

  • Buttocks 12.900Ft
  • Double chin - Neck - 9.900Ft

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Important notice! In order to protect You, our staff and clinic, if you have either a high temperature or a new continuous cough, please let us know, and we'll reschedule your appointment. In case you arrive ill, unfortunately we are unable to perform the treatment or examination. If you have recently arrived to Hungary, we need you to contact us, and we'll move your appointment two weeks ahead, given the situation caused by the coronavirus. Also we kindly ask you to come alone to your appointment. Thank you for your understanding.



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