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Our promotions this December

(Offers end by 31th December)

Christmas is nearly upon us and time is running out to find the most beautiful and best gifts to our loved ones. You can find many services at our clinic, from health assessment to beauty treatments before or after the holidays. Our portfolio is quite wide. Visit us to see for yourself, take part in one of our free consultations. Do not just read about it but also see and experience that our machine fleet is unique in Hungary!

We’ve opened our clinic last year in October in the heart of the city. Even though we are just over a year old, we’ve come a long way. We’ve learned and developed a lot during this time. Advancement is paramount to us as our philosophy is to provide the best possible service to You at the highest standards. Because at the end of the day You are the most important, who puts trust in us.

In each month, we give discounts chosen by us, but this time it's about You. We will make your wish come true. Just let us know what is that you really want in details, and we'll find you the best solution that suites your needs, with the biggest discount possible.

We make Your Wish come true!

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Your gift: up to 50% Off from chosen treatment.

Szegi Medical Gift Card
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Gift Card Offers

  • HUF50.000 – HUF99.999 uploaded: extra 2% redeemable
  • HUF100.000 – HUF299.999 uploaded: extra 3% redeemable
  • HUF300.000 and above uploaded: extra 5% redeemable

Triple Combination Fat Reducing Therapy


We’ve prolonged our double chin reduction combined with fat reduction deal!

There is no local fat reduction without surgery more effective than this, known to us. (If there was, we would already offer it :-))

A disturbing double chin can develop anytime, even without necessarily being overweight. Age and genetics can also be responsible for its development. And even if it is overweight that causes the double chin, we are not in an easy position either. We may change our lifestyle, but still, our genetics determine which part of our body we start to lose weight from. And unfortunately, the double chin is rarely in the first position.

No need to be discouraged though. There is a way to get rid of that annoying double chin without surgery, and we offer one of the best, if not the very best solution.

Here's the deal for double our chin reduction solution:

  • 1 treatment: HUF49.900 Now HUF39.800
  • 2 treatments: HUF99.800 Now HUF72.000
  • 3 treatments (full course): HUF149.700 Now HUF99.900
  • For all other body parts you can get 3 treatments for the price of 2

Any specific area can be treated with our combined treatment maximum 3 times in six months, after that, six months break is necessary.

FemiLift for Ladies

FemiLift - Alma Lasers

We offer a big promotion for our vaginal tightening treatment and our treatment for vaginal dryness.

  • 1 treatment: HUF225.000 Now HUF99.000
  • 3 treatments: HUF390.000 Now HUF199.000
    (recommended for better results)

Please do not procrastinate if you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms, as at a later stage, the cure is no longer so gentle. We will do our best to help you and provide you with maximum discretion during the consultation and treatment. We know these are sensitive topics and many of us find it difficult to talk about them. No worries, most of these complaints have a solution!

Soprano ICE Platinum Laser Hair Removal

Thanks for the multiple wavelengths technology, so it works on all skin and hair type.

We guarantee that no hair remains.

This is the ideal opportunity to verify that we have the best hair removal technology on the market!  Make use of our November special and try what the winner of the 2016 MyFaceMyBody ”Most Innovative Treatment” Award, the SOPRANO ICE PLATINUM device can do. Three wavelengths in one cooled head!

Say goodbye to painful waxing, long shaving every night, and the accompanying hair follicle inflammation. There will be no rashes or sensitivity, the skin will be soft, smooth and silky after the treatments.

Full intimate laser hair removal:

  • 1 session: HUF32.000 for ladies and HUF40.000 for gents,
    Now HUF19.200
  • 12 sessions: HUF189.900

Full face laser hair removal:

  • 1 session: HUF48.000 for ladies and HUF59.500 for gents,
    Now HUF29.900
  • 6 sessions: HUF149.900
  • 12 sessions: HUF269.000

Lower legs laser hair removal:

  • 1 session: HUF40.000 for ladies és HUF50.000 for gents,
    Now HUF23.900
  • 6 sessions: HUF119.900
  • 12 sessions: HUF209.900

20% Off for all other body parts!

Of course, we know that one single occasion will not be enough, and the factors that affect the outcome will vary from person to person, such as hair strength, density, colour, possible hormonal changes, hormonal imbalance, steroid use, etc. The intervals between the treatments also make a difference.  If the series of treatments is interrupted, the number of necessary treatments may increase.

We recommend 6-9-12 treatments for maximum satisfaction. We believe that this number of treatments should be sufficient for everyone, if the treatment guidelines recommended by the practitioner are followed, except in cases of hormonal problems or under steroid treatment.

We GUARANTEE the effectiveness of our treatment

As stated above, the guarantee is valid if you do not have a condition that results in excessive hair growth and you adhere to the treatment strategy determined by your practitioner.

What is included in our guarantee?

From the day of the 12th treatment, for the next 12 months, if you still have hair growth, you will receive 3 treatments for free. If the hair growth appears in 12-18th months after the series of treatments, in that case you will receive follow-up treatment (up to 3 times) for 50% of the current price.

After 18-24 months some hair growth can already be expected, but of course, it depends entirely on individual features. During this period, we will give you 15% discount on follow-up treatments (maximum 3 times).

With follow-up treatments, you will never need more than 1-3 treatments a year to keep up the results. We emphasize that this is only true, if there are no hormonal or other changes in the body that result in more intense hair growth. Some medications also have this effect.

For our dear Newsletter subscribers: Anti-Aging Treatment of 2019

MyFaceMyBody award winners

For our dear Newsletter subscribers, the monthly exclusive offer:

Our 2019 award-winning CLEARLIFT anti-ageing treatment is combined with our NIR firming and skin structure improving treatment, for maximum results

What we offer:

Clearlift + NIR treatment

  • 1 session: instead of HUF80.000 + HUF40.000 = HUF120.000,
    Now altogether HUF75.000
  • 6 sessions: (if you give us permission to use the before-after photos): instead of HUF720.00,
    now only HUF299.900

We wish you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas.

*The offers mentioned above will expire by the 31st of December!

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